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Advanced Training for Novice Drivers

The SaferTeenDriver hazard perception evaluation will clearly show your teen their driving weaknesses from an impartial third-party perspective.

This allows the parent to be the "good guy", and a partner who will help the teen to learn and improve while they take the assigned training modules.

Coach your teens through many of the most dangerous driving situations they will encounter on the roadway, in a standardized way, and from a safe and secure environment.

Clearly demonstrate to your teen their own lack of ability in risk perception that traditional driver's education cannot provide safely.

The Evaluation Tool

The evaluation is two-part. The first part uses 20 real-world, full-motion HD videos to test your teen's ability to identify risk. The second part asks a variety of questions regarding basic road knowledge, driver attitude, and habits.

Your teen is scored in 6 core safe driving competencies: Scanning, Speed Management, Space Management, Danger Zones, Attitude, and The Other Motorist. Depending on their scores, specific training modules are automatically assigned to address each area of weakness.

The Training Tools

Each module takes about 30 minutes to complete. Each module concludes with a 10-question quiz, where the teen must achieve at least an 80% score to complete. One module is due each week, until all assigned training is completed. Emails are sent to remind when training is due.

The program also includes a complete 26 week mentoring program to help you coach your child on several areas of defensive driving, and include exercises and ideas you can use when working with your teen to help them become a safer teen driver.

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