Hazard Perception Evaluation

This state-of-the-art driver risk assessment program is proven pro-active way to identify high risk drivers based on their performance in six core risk categories.

200 Decisions Per Mile

According to the most recent Safe Driver study, drivers make over 200 decisions per mile. The Hazard Perception Evaluation is a predictive behavioral analysis tool that is proven to predict the traffic hazard identification decision-making ability of individual drivers. The evaluation provides a key indication of the driver's propensity to be involved in a collision. The program identifies your teen's high risk traits and then provide specific targeted training modules to correct each individual deficiency.

The Hazard Perception Evaluation includes a series of life-like driving simulations as well as multiple-choice questions pertaining to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The simulation section presents the driver with a view out the front windshield of a vehicle from the driver's seat, as well as rear-view and both side-view mirror perspectives (see example below), which captures the dynamics of driving in the real-world.

During the evaluation the software is using advanced behavior-tracking algorithms to measure driver performance in six core driving categories, and is continuously assessing the drivers skill and adjusts scores in each area. Based on the results of the evaluation, the software automatically assigns comprehensive computer-based training modules designed specifically to address the weaknesses identified during the evaluation.

We have a full catalog of over 80 carefully crafted training modules - the world's largest, most advanced, and widely successful catalog of computer-based defensive driving courses. We have made it available for the first time to parents and novice teen drivers.

Key Benefits of the Hazard Perception Evaluation

The assessment evaluates a driver's performance in six core areas; speed management, space management, scanning, attitude, danger zones, and the other motorist.

A proactive, behavior-based system that prescribes a targeted training regime for each individual driver.

The program utilizes a complex algorithm that runs in the background while your drivers are completing the program, evaluating the driver in six key areas of safe driving behavior.

The system calibrates the driver's risk score based on the above parameters, and automatically prescribes specific, corrective modules based on each individual driver's deficiencies.

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