Advanced Support Systems for Novice Teen Drivers
Advanced Support
for Novice
Hazard Perception Training for Teen Drivers
Hazard Avoidance
Training for
I Finally Passed my Driving Exam!
I Finally Passed
my Driving


Become a Safer Driver

We've taken the best driver training technology, previously only available to the world's biggest fleets, and made it accessible to you.

Powered by the same advanced technologies at BrightFleet™, SaferTeenDriver™ combines the very best driver evaluation and training with a unique coaching guide. These tools comprise the most advanced driver support system available for novice teen drivers.

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Teen Driver's at Risk

All novice drivers are at risk,

and can use additional training. Now you have access to advanced driver assessment and training tools to assist.

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Teen Driving Statistics

The numbers are sobering,

and show a great deal of room for improvement when it comes to how we are initiating our teens to driving.

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Hazard Perception

Not tested in Driver's Ed.

Learn how this innovative evaluation and training method has helped over a million drivers improve hazard perception.

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Graduated Licenses

Learn about progressive licensing,

or graduated drivers licensing that is in use to varying degrees in most states within the US.

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Go The Extra Mile

We believe that most parents would do anything to give their child the tools they need to succeed in life. Our program goes the extra mile, to provide hazard awareness training from the safety of your home.

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