Advanced Support Systems for Novice Teen Drivers
Advanced Support
for Novice
Hazard Perception Training for Teen Drivers
Hazard Avoidance
Training for
I Finally Passed my Driving Exam!
I Finally Passed
my Driving


Road Risk Assessment

Your teen will experience dangerous driving situations that they don't get through traditional Driver's Ed, from the safety of your home.

Our program is built around the industry-leading road risk identification assessment the HPE, a simulation-based driver evaluation used by leading companies to reduce at-work crashes. We've combined this assessment with training and tools for parents to coach their novice teen drivers, creating a new program that isn't available anywhere else. After Driver's Ed, you need "Safer Teen Driver".

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Youngest Drivers Greatest Risk

All teen drivers are at risk.

Learn some of the facts why teens are especially poor drivers, and what you can do to help your child stay safer.

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Teen Driving Statistics

The numbers are sobering,

and illustrate the limits of traditional driver's education programs and strategies for novice drivers.

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Hazard Perception

Not taught in Driver's Ed.

Learn how this innovative evaluation and training has helped thousands of drivers improve their road safety.

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Graduated Licenses

Learn about graduated driver's licensing (GDL) programs,

how they help keep novice drivers safer, but may just be delaying crashes to later teen years.

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Go The Extra Mile

We believe that most parents would do anything to give their child the tools they need to succeed in life. Our program goes the extra mile, to provide hazard awareness training from the safety of your home.

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